Desktop Support

Texemus offers support for our software and services as well as remote desktop support through our in-house support desk. Our support technicians have a broad understanding and knowledge on a variety of platforms, operating systems and IT equipment. Quickly identifying and solving problems for desktop users is one of our services. Because internet access from the workspace is quite common these days alot of time can be saved by using remote tools to offer desktop support, eliminating the need to have a support technician on location, and saving precious travel time and costs.

We offer remote desktop support by utilising TeamViewer Remote Support software. With TeamViewer our support center is able to respond quickly and effortlessly to spontaneous support calls and incidents remotely. TeamViewer enables us to offer instant remote support safely and without the need to install software on the client's laptop or PC and is compatible with popular operating systems i.e. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Some advantages are:

  • High security standards (Secured data channels featuring 2048-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES encoding).
  • Seamless operation even through firewalls by using standard ports for communication with the client.
  • All-in-one solution for spontaneous support, online meetings, online training and demonstrations.
  • Secure built-in file transfer capability through VPN.
Texemus TeamViewer QuickSupport

Below you will find the TeamViewer QuickSupport client. Please download and run only if requested by a Texemus support employee. Upon requesting support a Texemus employee will require the unique ID and randomly generated password from the TeamViewer QuickSupport client to enter a support session.



Preview (Windows):