Within the energy market segmentation we deploy our solution for commissioning experts. ixPlanta helps improving the process of commissioning because of its system attribute, creative report generator, revision management, excellent rights matrix and many more features. Create tags as you wish and add detailed information to every item, which you can freely modify. Decide for yourself if you want to add voltage, watt, content, weight, height, depth, maximum value, minimum value,… etc. Create your own basic tags with free modifiable options. Use these tags within the form generator and create your forms, as you need them.

You need loopchecks or DAR'S? Easy to create from the application. Auto fill custom fields; use options in order to control your form. Reuse all the data within the report generator. Monitoring by counting I/O's, compare documents on attributes and all of that on your dashboard.


Hundreds of trucks drive thousands of kilometers each day. Each tour requires tons of paperwork. Cargo papers, papers for loading and unloading, custom documents, petrol receipts and,…etc. Keep all your documents structured on one place under one special number. Use your shipment number to control your papers. Generate reports on the shipments, how much KG did the truck transport, how many KM did the truck drive. All can be done for one truck or for all your vehicles. How much did one trip cost, what has been your cost for the whole year. We even offer options to keep track of all your location geodata. Since our backend can handle "Big Data" we can hold millions of GPS data and filter them in real-time and all that in no time.


Keep track of your patients. Add documents, certificates, letters and/or emails in one place for all your clients. Secure through our excellent rights matrix, information can only be seen by authorized personnel.

Thanks to the great Attribute System you can add attributes to your clients information such as specialties of your clients; past operations, past consultants, advisory information. With the form generator, you can create any kind of forms you need and use your own created attributes with the options as offered. On the other hand, you can also add all technical asset information. Keep track of your facilities, material and assets.


For many years we have offered our services to the biggest computer magazine in Europe. With ixPlanta we added all items tested within this magazine. We added extra values of data as wished by the editors e.g. test notes, manufacturing prices and real-time best prices found on the free market. Altogether we created a list of 10 pages with all products tested and the best price found at closing time. Best price from thousands of shops and products with millions of prices. We delivered fully useable formatted data that consisted of 10 pages of ready designed pages ready to be used in Adobe InDesign. Result: Time and money saving for the editors and designers and offering a product database ever tested by the magazine including all important data to be used for feature products.


Our e-learning and assessment application offers learning the easy way. We translate your traditional information into online educational material and offer this via web-based techniques to your students. Together with answers and questions we offer a random item bank with many of test opportunities. Randomize questions AND answers to any student. With excellent monitoring tools you will find out a lot about your material e.g. are your questions adequate? How many students have understood the questions and the answers correctly? You can easily adjust and improve your questions and answers. Students can do self-tests at any time and as often as they like in order to improve their abilities. You can monitor your students too e.g. easy status and situation check of your students.