What is ixPlanta?

Most projects consist of huge amount of data, expensive assets, hundreds or thousands of employees working around the globe in different time zones on the project. This is not an easy task to overcome.

We will help you optimizing your commissioning process, solving delivery time problems and saving related costs.

Our product helps you to control, to keep the project transparent, to work accurately and above all to keep all your data and assets consistent all along the project line.

You will see the benefits of using our product within the very fist moment of using it. It is self-raised by improving most components needed for commissioning.

The cost, time and effort required to successfully implement our system, will be far outweighed by the benefits that will be gained in terms of overall management and project control.

As an integrated management commissioning system, ixPlanta provides a full range of comprehensive management tools for a total control of your technical assets

ixPlanta is:

  • Manage all of your objects and documents
  • Revision management
  • Highly structured rights management
  • Excellent search engine
  • Customized usable forms
  • State-of-the-art report generator
  • And much more

Total control of your assets

Thanks to its revision and rights management systems, ixPlanta makes it easy to keep track of and secure your items and documents. With these systems, you have the ability to allow access where it is needed and keep track of objects, items and documents.


ixPlanta enables you to add specific characteristics to the information in objects.

This makes it easy to find the right information in the system. These attributes can also be used when generating reports or forms.

Report generator

Thanks to its excellent report generator, ixPlanta can easily display the required information.

What our customers are saying

ixPlanta is a very useful tool. Our costs have been reduced by almost 30%.

- Engie