What is ixPercepti?

ixPercepti offers an easily accessible, fully web-based e-Learning experience, designed to make learning both enjoyable and challenging. As a flexible platform for rapid delivery of e-Learning courses, ixPercepti is equally suitable for providing long and short term training courses for any number of employees or students.

ixPercepti, at it's core, is a suite of powerful authoring tools designed for developing e-Learning courses. This enables us to tailor training resources to specify target audiences. By applying effective development techniques, and through the use of an extensive portfolio of training assets, we are able to rapidly deploy e-Learning courses.

Offerings include generic, customized and tailor made e-Learning courses, as well as blended solutions by adding optional services ranging from vocational training, workshops, consultancy and competence assurance through partnerships with skilled training and competence professionals.

ixPercepti is also an assessment support tool.

Candidates get an individual test prepared either by you or by our experts. All tests are based on a job profile designed and written by highly qualified professionals around the world.

ixPercepti is:

  • a powerful authoring tool for rapid delivery of e-Learning courses
  • Self-packed flexible learning for today's busy professionals
  • On-Demand, worldwide accessibility
  • Fully web-based, no software installation needed
  • Enhancing learner engagement by using extensively illustrated text and graphics, video and audio segments and other interactive elements
  • Integrated review, assessment and survey tools to test comprehension of course material
  • Integrated student activity and performance tracking and analysis with comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Integrated dynamic item bank system
  • Integrated communication platform for student - teacher interaction, including an automatic notification system
  • Effective skills and knowledge improvement
  • Scalable, cost-effective solution for delivery of e-Learning