Open Source Software

With good open source software and its communities growing faster than ever you will have a grand opportunity to save money and resources for your organization. The advantage of open source software is the existing community of committed developers. Although open source software is free of charge you will still need to invest a lot of time, money and manpower in order to get to know it and then to have it satisfying your needs. We can help you overcome these hurdles.


Threats to data will change with time, with bigger and more serious challenges coming up everyday. Therefore, every company needs to invest in the best IT security services that can grow with their business, that are futuristic and can be able to handle even the most malicious threats in future. Good security of data is the most important aspect of your business and your company. We can provide you with the best security solution that fits your needs for your organization. Don’t hesitate to speak to us.

Software Development

Our passion is software development. With modern techniques we turn your wishes and needs into turnkey solutions. Our professional and dedicated approach will help you find the right solution that fits your work best. Whether you are in the Oil and Gas industry, Healthcare or Construction, Texemus will help you overcome this complex and difficult challenge. You do what you do best, so do we.

Desktop Support

We will support you in fulfilling your tasks. Together with you we will build a fundament for your employees to ensure an optimal performance. We deliver smart and affordable solutions best fitted to your organization and existing architecture. We take care of your technical problems. This keeps your company’s IT up and running and your employees satisfied. We support all types of platforms and technologies.



Texemus develops software with the aim to translate your wishes to optimal IT solutions, so you can focus on what you do best. With professional advice and personal contact we're capable of translating your wishes and ideas into usable concepts and ready-to-use products. We efficiently work together with your IT or Marketing Department for quick and affordable results.


Texemus uses the latest standards, such as Web 2.0, Big Data, Cloud, e-commerce and mobile applications. Our technical specialists study market trends and new innovations which means that we are always at the leading edge of technology. Thanks to this, we’re capable of helping you make the right choices for your needs and provide you with the best professional advice.


Thanks to our wide range of industry knowledge and expertise we can provide the best professional advice. Irrespective of specific markets, our staff have many years of experience working across different sectors and industries. No matter what challenge you may face or idea you may have, we have the expertise to make it come to fruition.

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